10 Hints For The New Entrepreneur


We all know that starting up your own venture is surely one of the most exciting things that you can ever embark upon. It is also a joy to always advise and encourage the fresh entrepreneurs. So, what are the tips that you need to arm yourself with? Read on.

  1. There Is No Father Christmas

The truth of the matter here is that as a newbie, no one is willing to gamble on you. So do not expect the millions of angel investment. Use a workable business model, produce some real results and carve a niche for yourself. Once that is done, you will automatically get the attention of those that really matter.

  1. Be Focused

In Africa, there is a saying that a man on a journey who stops to throw a stone at every dog that barks at him will not reach his destination on time. Be focused. Be so focused as if your very survival depends on it, because it actually does. Do not waste your time, energy, or attention on matters that are not important.

  1. Have Your Plan

Dabbling in the very competitive world of business can be really dangerous or extremely disappointing if you do not know what you are doing. Have your goals, learn your strategies and map out precisely how you will like to achieve the goals.

  1. Be Concise & Time-Conscious

Whether at meetings or business negotiations, do not waste time. Do not just be full of empty air and no action. Make the best use of your time and go straight to the point. Stick to this mantra: actions speak louder than voice.

  1. Start Slowly And Gather Momentum Steadily

Do not expect to make one billion dollars in a day. You are a newbie and you need to take your time to learn the ropes. Take very good note of the flows of the cash and other resources. Make careful observations and carefully track your progress.

  1. Learn Under Stress

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a joking matter. You must be ready to face the fire and not cave in under pressure. It is going to be hectic and nerve-wracking but you will have to summon all the courage left on earth.

  1. Do Not Neglect Your Health

Yes, you have to work really hard but that does not mean working yourself to death. Pay very good attention to your health. It is only those alive that end up becoming billionaire tycoons. Feed well, exercise well, and do not lead a risky lifestyle.

  1. Remain Accountable

Know that you are going to make mistakes. Do not make the mistake of blaming anyone for your own woes. Accept responsibility and move on.

  1. Know Your Limits

Overstretching yourself simply means that you want to burn out yourself for nothing. Know precisely when to stop, relax and reload.

10. Be Willing To Learn (And Teach)

Yes, the business world is pretty much driven by knowledge and information. Get set to soak in raw data and teach others too. Success is based on knowledge. Good luck!

With these tips, you can start your new business venture with a big chance of achieving success. As newbie entrepreneur, you can make your first venture worth your while. Keep reviewing these tips and try to learn more to reach your business goals.


Perks Of A Managed Travel Program For Business

Travel is part of running and conducting a business. Be it a small business, a large corporation, or a contractor, traveling should be expected and included in the costs of the business operation. This is why a lot of experts promote the implementation of a managed travel program to every business or contractor because of its numerous benefits and advantages.

Avoiding travel or replacing it with video conferences and other long distance communication may be a good option but totally avoiding travel just to reduce cost for your business may also cost your business a lot of wonderful opportunities. As a business owner, you can still do your corporate or travel businesses while minimizing expenses through managed travel programs.

Upfront Savings Through Discount Programs

Most travel agencies provide discounted programs for their clients. Through these discounted programs, you can take advantage of the discounted tickets as well as their other promos like earning points through frequent buying of tickets, which in return can result to big discounts.

Improved Travel Experience Through Value Added Amenities

Another great benefit of a managed travel program is the many value added amenities that a frequent client can take advantage of. Some of the value added amenities provided for corporate travels under managed travel programs are free internet access, complimentary breakfast, and free car services. Travel companies also allow ticket recovery for unused tickets, which can be a great savings for your business. They also provide24/7 customer assistance for their clients, which can be a great help if you encounter problems on your travels.

Consistency And Transparency

Through a partnership with a travel company, you can effectively monitor your travel behavior and determine trends through data analytics. You and your travel manage company can find opportunities that will benefit both parties like finding upgrades to improve travel experience for your company and security upgrades.


The best part of a managed travel program is the increased security of the travelers. Under a travel program, it is the responsibility of the company to make sure that travelers are properly informed and guided about their travel itineraries and destinations. The company must also communicate effectively with the travelers and implement a tracking system to ensure that travelers safely arrive at their destinations.

There are a lot of managed travel programs offered for different types of businesses and corporate needs. To ensure that you get the appropriate program for your business, it is important to research first and compare programs to find the best deal that will suit your needs.

Another perk of traveling on the job is getting out of the office and keeping employee morale high. In Naples, Florida, many businesses do local travel around the city for work as an incentive to keep employees motivated and happy. One business even sent 10 of its employees to stay at a condo in The Dunes in Naples in order to “research the accommodations.”


Importance Of Motivators In Businesses


Employers nowadays use different motivators to inspire their employees. PsychTests.com made a research on more than 1000 employees who undergo the Career Motivation Test to better understand which of the incentives from their management they want more in return for their hard work. Result shows that employees desire more than just praise and bonuses. Another result indicates that most managers do not know how to motivate their staffs to their best capacity.

The query coming from PsychTests researchers “Do you feel that your employer knows how to motivate you?” garnered a response of 18% believed their employers motivates them, 40% for “Somewhat”, 16% for “slightly”, and 25% are not motivated.

According to the president of PsychTests, Dr, IlonaJerabek, they have assessed 23 tangible and intangible incentives but they single out one or two motivators. 5 important clusters left at the end, which could improve work performance if the managers grasp the concept.

5 Clusters Of Motivators

  • The Trailblazers

This is the most common type of motivators at 45%. Trailblazers are workers who want to leave a mark in the world and have an impact on the people.

  • The Workhorses

This is the 2nd most common type at 23%. This is the type of people that does not back down from the challenges, hard labor or obstacles they face. The Workhorses see to it that the jobs are done not only by 100% but also by 150% of the job you ask of them.

  • The Heavyweights

This is the 3rd common type having 12% of the total. The Heavyweights will push through any challenges. The more the challenge, obstacle, or competition they are in, the more they thrive.

  • The Gen-Y’ers

This was the 4th common type at 11%. These types of people love what they do and do what they love.

  • The Explorers

The 5th common type at 9% and believes that their success and future lies in their hands. They want to experience every job that the world has to offer.

Money As Motivator?

Money as incentive is not bad but it will de-motivate most workers if not satisfied with the bonus. Dr.Jerabek says that money is a hygiene factor, dissipates very quickly and has a short-lived effect on the performance. There is nothing wrong with money as incentive but it should not be the only motivator the management have in their portfolio. It should be varied to further improve one’s business.


Effective Ways To Promote Business News Through Twitter

If you frequently publish news to promote your business, then you should use the most popular and effective medium in information dissemination in the internet today. Through Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites today, you can publish news and spread your story to millions of people all over the world.

Twitter is now considered as a very effective tool in social media marketing especially in promoting business through stories and news. By effectively utilizing Twitter, you will not only have the chance to widen exposure for your business but also the opportunity to increase traffic for your business website, which in return can create wider market and more prospective customers.

If you want to effectively promote your business through Twitter, then you should remember these simple techniques when tweeting.

Tweet In Chunks For Long Stories Or News

News and stories for business promotions are mostly long pieces of articles. Since Twitter has a limitation in terms of the number of characters, you can input in one tweet, you should break your news up and tweet the chunks one by one. If you tweet in large pieces without leaving important details out will not only make the story more interesting but also it will also extend the cycle of your news.

Use Hashtags (#) Effectively

Another great aspect in using Twitter is the power of hashtag or the pound sign. Through the simple method of using hashtag, one can easily disseminate news and popularize a story using a phrase or word not only on your network of followers but also to all Twitter users worldwide. When tweeting your news, determine the phrase or words that relate to your news and #hashtag it.

Blog Then Tweet

One of the effective ways to level up your tweeting strategy is to use a different format like introducing your own opinion in the story or through blog posts. This method of internet marketing is proven effective in attracting interested readers to your website. If news does not work, you have another option by using the blog post format and promote your blog through Twitter. This is another way of bringing another angle on the story so the news you released will not die out that fast. Another way is to write a blog about the opinion or feedback of specific people or you can also use an anecdote related to the news to catch more attention and make the story more interesting.

Use A Great And Relatable Video

To maintain the interest of readers and attract more followers, you can also use video in releasing your business news. Opt for a short news video and tweet the link on Twitter instead of doing regular tweets.

Try Newsjacking

Newsjacking is becoming really popular in internet marketers today due to its numerous benefits like increased inbound links, higher organic search rank, and augment traffic by taking advantage of the most popular events or trends that relate to your industry. One can also create a blog post or summary about the news, and post it on Twitter. Make sure also to use hashtags to spread your news to Twitter users outside your network.

Twitter can be a powerful medium if you know how to use it properly and effectively for your business advantage. Twitter does not only help you spread news but it also helps business owners communicate with their market. When tweeting, make sure that you update regularly balancing quality, interesting news with business promotions.